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Гдз по английскому языку 8 класс spotlight учебник spotlight on russia: Spotlight on Russia, Номер 2

Spotlight on Russia, Номер 2

Food & Shopping
What are Russian restaurants like? What sort of food do Russians eat?
Spotlight on Russia goes behind the scenes in a Russian Restaurant and finds out about Russian cuisine from a top chef
What sort of food do Russians eat in general?
Russian people generally eat a rich and varied diet. However, they do eat a lot of dairy products. Some of these include a thick sour cream called smetana. a powdered cream cheese called tvorog and a yoghurt-like drink called kefir.
What sort of food do you serve in your restaurant?
We serve a wide variety of traditional Russian dishes. There’s draniki which are potato pancakes, salo which is tender pork fat, pelmeni which is pasta stuffed with pork and onions and shashlyks which is lamb kebabs, to name just a few.
Can you describe a typical meal?
Certainly. Typically you have hot and cold appetisers to start, then a soup course, followed by the main course, and then a dessert.
What sort of dishes are popular appetisers?
Well, appetisers are usually fish or meat dishes. Popular fish dishes are salmon, red herring and smoked sturgeon. Of the meat appetisers, buzhenina is popular which is lean boiled pork with spices as well as jellied tongue served with horseradish sauce.
What about the soups? I’ve heard of borshch, what other kinds are there?
Yes, borshch is made from beets and cabbage and is very popular. Then there’s solyanka which can be made from meat or fish or mushrooms. Both are served with sour cream. Eating soup is a well-known Russian tradition because of long, cold winters. Russian soups are very warming and nourishing.
What are some of your speciality main courses?
That’s a difficult question because we have a big menu of lots ofspeciality dishes because Russians like to have a wide range of traditional dishes to choose from, but I have to say golubtsy, grilled piglet, beef stroganoff and roast partridge are my customers’ favourites. Golubtsy is minced lamb, pork and rice wrapped in cabbage and topped with a cream sauce — delicious!
What sort of desserts do you have on the menu?
Baked apple is a popular dessert as is Iruit and berry kisel which is a sort of sour fruit jelly. Of course, we always have a wide selection of freshly baked pies, too.
Thanks for talking to us. Now I can’t wait to try all the delicious dishes you mentioned.
What is your favourite national dish? Can you cook it? Tell your partner how.
Write a menu using the dishes mentioned in the interview for a welcome dinner for a foreign friend.
• How often do you eat out?
• What other Russian dishes do you know?
• Do you have any traditional family recipes? How old is the tradition and what is/are the dishes?

ГДЗ по Английскому языку: Голицынский Ю.Б.

Издатель: Ю. Б. Голицынский, 2011-2017г.

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Издатель: О. В. Афанасьева, И.В. Михеева, К.М. Баранова 2014-2021г.

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Spotlight on Russia. Страница 8 — Учебник Spotlight 5

Страница 8

Sasha Boldachev is a normal young Russian boy with normal interests. But he’s also a famous musician who gives concerts all over the world. He is the winner of many international competitions for composing, as well as playing.

Саша Болдачев — нормальный молодой русский мальчик с нормальными интересами. Но он также и известный музыкант, который дает концерты по всему миру. Он является победителем многих международных соревнований как композитор и исполнитель.

Spotlight on Russia looks at this child prodigy who plays the harp like an angel. — Спотлайт в России наблюдает за этим чудо-ребенком, который играет на арфе как ангел

Important Dates — Важные даты

  • 21 January 1990 — Sasha Boldachev is born in St Petersburg. — Саша Болдачев родился в Санкт-Петербурге
  • 1994 — He begins studying music. — Он начал изучать музыку.
  • 1995 — Sasha enters the Special Lyceum of St Petersburg Conservatory. — Саша поступил в специальный лицей при Санкт-Петербургской консерватории
  • 1996 — He begins composing his own music and playing in concerts. — Он начал писать собственную музыку и играть на концертах
  • 1999 — Sasha goes to Lithuania on his first foreign concert tour. — Саша поехал в Литву в свой первый зарубежный тур
  • 2000 — He wins his first big competitions. — Он выиграл свои первые большие соревнования
  • 2005 — Sasha is the Laureate of the European Foundation for Culture. — Саша стал Лауреатом Европейского Культурного Фонда.
  • Residence — Sasha lives in St Petersburg. — Саша живет в Санкт-Петербурге
  • Family — Sasha’s mother, Irina Sharapova, is a concert pianist and a professor at the St Petersburg Conservatory. His father. Alexander, is an advertising and book designer.
    — Мама Саши, Ирина Шарапова, пианист и профессор Санкт-Петербургской консерватории. Его отец, Александр, специалист по рекламе и дизайну.
  • Routine — Music takes up a lot of Sasha’s time. He practises several hours every day. He also travels and performs all over the world. — Музыка занимает практически все Сашино время. Он репетирует по несколько часов каждый день. Он также путешествует и выступает по всему миру.
  • Hobbies — In his free time, Sasha reads, watches TV and plays computer games. In the summer, he goes fishing and hunts for mushrooms. — В свое свободное время Саша читает, смотрит телевизор и играет в компьютерные игры. Летом он ходит на рыбалку и по грибы.
  • Pets — The Boldachevs have got three cats — Modya, Vinya and Gosha. — В семье Болдачевых живут три кота — Модя, Виня и Гоша.
  • Contact — Sasha’s e-mail address is [email protected] — Сашин электронный адрес [email protected]

Who is your favourite Russian celebrity? Send us a fact file like this about the person.

— Кто твоя любимая русская знаменитость? Пришли нам описание этого человека.

Ask and answer questions about Sasha (e.g. How old is he? What does he do? etc) — Задай вопрос и ответь на вопросы о Саше (т.е. Сколько ему лет? Что он делает? и т.д.)

Возможный ответ:

Sasha was born in 1990. So, in 2019 he will be 29 years. He was a child prodigy who started to learn music in 4 years and in 10 year won the first big competition. Sasha lives in St Petersburg. He practises music several hours every day. In his free time, Sasha reads, watches TV and plays computer games. In the summer, he goes fishing and hunts for mushrooms. — Саша родился в 1990 году. Так что в 2019 ему исполнится 29 лет. Он был чудо-ребенком, который начал изучать музыку в 4 года, а в 10 лет уже выиграл первый большой конкурс. Саша живет в Санкт-Петербурге. Он репетирует по несколько часов каждый день. В свое свободное время Саша читает, смотрит телевизор и играет в компьютерные игры.

Летом он ходит на рыбалку и по грибы.

What can you do well? What job do you want to do when you leave school? Discuss. — Что ты умеешь делать хорошо? Чем бы ты хотел заняться после того, как окончишь школу.

I am interested in computers. I want to become a computer programmer. So after I finish school I want to enter the university and study computer science. — Я интересуюсь компьютерами. Я хочу стать программистом. Поэтому после окончания школы я хочу поступить в университет и изучать программирование.

Опиши своего любимого знаменитого человека.

Bill Gates 

Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955.
Gates began his career in PC software, programming computers at age 13.
As to his education, he attended a well-known private school in Seattle, Washington called Lakeside. At Lakeside, he met his future business partner Paul Allen. Bill Gates entered Harvard in 1973.

He created the programming language BASIC. Gates attended Harvard University and after a few years Gates and his business collaborator, Paul Allen, dropped ou t of Harvard to begin the Microsoft Corporation in 1975.
Throughout his life, Gates had many experiences with business. Allen and Gates started a small company called Traf-O-Data. They sold a small computer outfitted with their program that could count traffic for the city.
After all his minor jobs, Gates and Allen founded Microsoft in 1975, the largest computer based company in the world. 
Gates believes that if you are intelligent and know how to apply your intelligence you can accomplish anything.
Bill works very hard to carry out his vision. He doesn’t believe in luck or any sort of god, just hard work and competitiveness.

Билл Гейтс 

Билл родился 28 октября 1955 года.
Гейтс начал свою карьеру в сфере программного обеспечения для персональных компьютеров в возрасте 13 лет.
Что касается образования., он посещал широко известную частную школу в Сиэтле, штат Вашингтон, которая называлась Лейксайд.

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