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Биболетова 4 класс решебник рабочая тетрадь с контрольными работами: ГДЗ по английскому языку 4 класс рабочая тетрадь Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева Enjoy English ответы и перевод заданий с текстами

Контрольные работы (1-4 четверть + итоговая) 4 класс Биболетов

Контрольное тестирование по английскому языку

4 класс УМК Биболетова «Enjoy English-4»

1 четверть





1. Найди верный вариант перевода
















кататься на санках






2. Выбери нужный предлог

1. There is a table in/ on/ at the room.

2. I share a large room of/ from/ with my brother.

3. There is a nice carpet on/ at/ in the floor.

4. There are two books in/ on/ under the bag.

5. There is a shelf next to/ under/ between the fireplace.

3. Вставь пропущенные

is или are.

1. There………. one window in the kitchen.

2. There ……….. no books in my room.

3. There…………. many doors in Jim’s house.

4. There…………. a big bedroom in the flat.

5. There ………… a piano in the room.




4. Прослушайте  текст.  Определите, какие высказывания соответствуют содержанию текста (True), а какие не соответствуют (False).

My name is Alex. I am seven. I have got a big family. I have got a mother, a father, a sister and two brothers. We like to be together on Sundays.Last Sunday we visited our grandparents. The weather was fine and we walked a lot. We skated, made a snowman and played snowballs. Then our grandmother cooked a tasty dinner.  In the evening we listened to music and watched TV. It was the happiest day in our life!

1.      Alexʼs  family is big. ________

2.      Alex has got two sisters and a brother_______________

3.      They had a tasty dinner. ___________

4.      They like to be together on Mondays._______________

5.      Alexʼs  family listened to music and watched TV last Sunday.______________


5.        Запиши 2 предложения о том, что находиться в твоей комнате, а затем 2 предложения о том, чего нет в твоей комнате.





 6. Прочитай письмо и вставь пропущенные слова


Beautiful, write, letter, in the country, behind, sheep, mountains, towns, swim, river, garden

Dear Sam,

Thank you for your _____________. I am Anna, I am from Russia. My country is large and

________________. There are many cities and _________ in Russia. But I live _________________.

I live with my mum and dad. Our house isn’t big. There is a green ____________ with apple trees and flowers ___________ my house. There is a river next to the forest. My friends and I _________

there in summer. There is an old bridge over the ____________. We’ve got a cow, five _________,

a horse, a cat and a dog. I like to read books about seas, oceans, ____________________ and deserts.

___________ me about your country and your town, please.

Your pen friend,





Контрольная работа 4 класс

                                                  II четверть

1.          Выбери нужный предлог.

1.         There are two desks next to/in/on the room.

2.         There is no pantry on/in/at his flat.

3.         There is a nice carpet at/on/in the floor.

4.         There is a piano in/on/at the room .

2.         Напишите 2 форму глаголов.  
Example: play-played 


3.         Прослушайте письмо Кейт и выпишите  номера предложений, которые соответствуют тексту:

1. Kate has got some photos from Vera.

2. Kate was at London Zoo last year.

3. There are birds at London Zoo.

4. Kate asks Vera her school.

5. Kate wants to get letters from Vera

4. Прочитайте предложения. Выберите правильный глагол в Present Simple(am, is, are) или Past Simple( was, were)

1) My mother wasn’t/ weren’t in London last year.  

2) What are/is your phone number? 

3) My brother were/was a worker. 

4) My father’s car are/is black. 

5) The weather are/is sunny today. 

6) There is/are a lot of green gardens in the country. 

7) There is/are many cars in the streets. 

8) My grandmother is /was a good actress 20 days ago. 

9) The crocodile is/isn’t red. 

10) The dolphin is/ isn’t a nice animal. 

5. Помогите Джим написать о том, что он делал вчера. 
Yesterday I (go) to school. I (have) 5 lessons. The weather (is) bad yesterday. It (is) raining. I (come) back home at 3 o’clock. Then I (do) my homework. I (play) computer games, (help) my mother. I (water) the flowers, (look) after my little brother. In the evening I (sit) in the sofa and (watch) TV. My mother(cook). My father (read) a newspaper. Our cat (drink) milk. My brother (do) his homework. I (go) to bed at 11 o’clock.



1. Выбери нужный предлог:

1.          In

2.         In

3.         On

4.         In

2. Напиши вторую форму глагола:

Say – said

Do – did

Take – took

Go – went

Dance — danced

Eat – ate

Be- was/were

3 Прослушайте письмо Кейт и отметьте  номера предложений, которые соответствуют тексту:

Dear Vera,

Thank you for your letter. I like your photos very much. Last week I was at London Zoo. It is very big. There are a lot of animals: tigers and bears, monkey and kangaroos, parrots and pelicans. There were many children in the Zoo. It was fun to visit in the Zoo! Tell me about your friend Dasha. Has she got a pet? What’s the name of her pet? Write to me soon. Bye, Kate

1, 3, 5.

4.Прочитай предложения. Выбери правильный глагол:

1. Wasn’t

2. are

3. was

4. is

5. is

6. are

7. are

8. was

9. isn’t

10.  is

5.Помоги Джим написать о том, что он сделал вчера:

Went, had, was, was, came, did, played ,helped, watered, looked, sat, watched, cooked, read, drank, did, went.



Контрольная работа 4класс

III четверть

1. Зачеркните лишнее слово:

1.         sea,    desert,      river,    ocean

2.         rainy,    autumn,    windy,   cold,    sunny

3.         fox,    whale,    wolf,    bear

4.         tomato,    cabbage,     ice-cream,     potato,    carrot

5.         coat,   T-shirt,   blouse,  cheese,   dress


2. Соотнесите:

 5:10                                      It’s a quarter past five

 11:30                            It’s ten minutes past five

4:50                                       It’s half past eleven

 5:15                             It’s ten minutes to  five

 5:30                            It’s half past five

3. Запиши свой распорядок дня (указать время и что вы делаете в этот момент):


2) ________________________________________________________________________

3) ________________________________________________________________________

4) ________________________________________________________________________

4. Read and what is true/false.

Rabbit’s Clothes.

One day the rabbit was very hungry and ran to Mr. Grey’s garden. There were some sweet carrots, red tomatoes, big potatoes and red apples there! The rabbit was happy in this garden!

At 12 o’clock Mr. Grey came into the garden and started his work. Suddenly he saw Peter: “A rabbit in my garden!” Mr. Grey jumped up and ran after the rabbit. The rabbit jumped up and ran away from Mr. Grey. But he couldn’t see the garden door.

He lost his red shoes near the tomatoes. He had no shoes on! Now he could run on his four legs! Then he jumped out of his jacket.

Now he had no clothes on and ran very fast.

Suddenly he saw the garden door. Closed! The rabbit went under it. How happy he was to be out of the garden!

Mr. Grey was happy too. He had no rabbits in his garden. When he saw a blue jacket and shoes, he got happier:

“Now I have got some nice clothes! Two red shoes and a blue jacket.”

Mr. Grey put the rabbit’s clothes on a scarecrow (пугало).

1.There were yellow bananas in Mr. Grey’s garden.

2.The rabbit had some clothes on when he came into the garden.

3.The rabbit liked to eat tomatoes and apples.

4.Mr. Grey didn’t like the rabbit in his garden.

5.The rabbit helped Mr. Grey to work in the garden.

6.The rabbit’s shoes were blue.

7.The rabbit ran after Mr. Grey.


6.      Прослушайте аудиозапись и заполните пробелы пропущенными словами.

1)      There is a parrot ___ the table.

2)      Is there ___ computer in your room?

3)      I ___ some chairs in my room.

4)      There is a fireplace in the ___.

5)      Have you a pantry ___ your flat?



6 задание

1)      There is a parrot __ above._ the table.

2)      Is there __ new _ computer in your room?

3)      I _ have __ some chairs in my room.

4)      There is a fireplace in the _ bedroom __.

5)      Have you a pantry _ in __ your flat?















Контрольная работа 4класс

IV четверть

1. Раскройте скобки. Поставьте прилагательные в сравнительную или превосходную степень.

1)The black trousers are (big) than the jeans.

2) This raincoat is (small) than the red coat.

3)Mary’s sweater is the (good).

4)My T-shirt is (beautiful) than your T-shirt.


2.Вставьте пропущенные слова: some, any, no.

1)I would like __________orange juice.

2)Do you like __________butter?

3)I do not like __________ lemon.

4)Mary would like ________ tomato.

5)No, sorry. I have not got ________apples.


3.Прослушайте текст.Выберите нужное слово для каждого пропуска:


It is Friday. We have five classes. 0.  today. We come 1. ___________ school and go to our classroom. The 2. ______________ class is Maths. 3. ______ begins at half past eight. The teacher 4. ________ in and we say «good morning» 5. ____________ read, write and play in our English lessons. It’s fun!

0.       today          yesterday              tomorrow

1.       to               after                     from          

2.       last             first                     good

3.       she             he                        it

4.       goes            comes                  stands

5.       I                 They                    We


4.Преведите на английский язык.

1) чашка кофе

2) стакан воды

3) бутылка молока

4) кусочек торта

5) пакет апельсинов


5.      Write about the passenger pigeon. – Напиши об исчезнувшем виде голубей.

Например: Where? North America

 1. When? before the 20th century

 2. Numbers: 1800 – 5 billion (5000000000) 1913 – the last bird – die – the zoo

 3. Food: nuts, insects, worms

4. Special features: grey and red feathers – very long tail

5. Bad points: people – kill – tasty and cheap meat




Например: The passenger pigeon lived in North America.






2. ___________________________________________________________________   _______________________________________________________________________     3.______________________________________________________________________

4. _____________________________________________________________________

 5. _____________________________________________________________________


6.      Прочитайте текст

Once upon a time in a faraway forest there lived two little rabbits Billy and Willy. They were brothers. Billy was brave but Willy was afraid of everything. Every morning Billy skipped to the forest or to the field. In the evening he told Willy about his trips. Willy liked to listen to his brother’s stories. Every day Billy said to Willy, «Let’s skip to the field together! It’s so interesting to visit new places and meet new friends!» But Willy stayed at home.

One day Willy was alone in their little house, he sat at the window and began to look at the field. It started to rain. Willy was nervous. He thought: «Rain! It’s terrible! Where’s Billy?» Willy was afraid of the rain. But he took the umbrella and skipped to the field. Soon the rain stopped. Willy looked around. He saw his brother under the bush.

«Are you OK? I brought you the umbrella?» said Willy.

«Willy! I am glad to see you. Oh, look at the sky!» said Billy.

«Wow! What is it?» asked Willy.

«It’s a rainbow (радуга). Do you like it?» said Billy.

Willy was happy to see the rainbow. It was so colourful and nice.

«Now I will skip with you to the forest and to the field every day. There are so many interesting things I can see,» said Willy.

«Great! Let’s skip to the farm tomorrow! There are a lot of tasty apples in the garden!» said Billy.


6.1. Закончи предложение, выбрав один вариант из трёх предложенных. Обведи соответствующую букву.

1) Willy ran out of the house when the rain began because he wanted…

a)       to find his brother.

b)       to get some apples.

c)       to visit new places.

6.2) Выбери правильный ответ на вопрос. Обведи соот­ветствующую букву.

1)         Why was Billy happy to see his brother in the field?

a)        Willy brought the umbrella.

b)        Willy became a brave rabbit.

c)        Willy saw a nice rainbow.

2)         Why did Willy decide to skip with his brother every day?

a)        Willy wanted to try an apple.

b)        Willy wanted to see a rainbow.

c)        Willy wanted to visit new places.

Правильные ответы: 1а, 2 b, c;   3с         








Итоговая контрольная работа 4 класс

1. Прочитайте текст и вставьте необходимые по смыслу слова.

A. ball            

B. meat                      

C. fox baby                

D. mushrooms           

E. river

My name is David. Last summer I lived in the village with my granny and grandpa. There is a big forest and a _____(1) near our village. Every day my friends and I went to the river. We swam and played with a ____(2) on the green grass.

One day in July we got up at 6 o’clock in the morning and went to the forest. There were many _____(3) and berries in the forest. We picked flowers, gathered berries and mushrooms. Suddenly one of the boys stopped and said, “Look! What is this?” We ran up to him and saw a small _____(4) under a big tree. It was very nice and funny. “Where is your mother, baby?” we asked him.

We took the fox baby home. We gave him fish and_____ (5). He grew up quickly. We named him “July”. July liked to play with us. We were friends. One day when we wanted to play with July  we couldn’t find him. He ran away to the forest.


2. Ответьте на вопросы по тексту:

1. Last summer David lived in … .

a)  town                                  b) the village               c) the forest

2. Every day the boys went … .

a)      to the forest                      b) to the zoo                c) to the river

3. The boys saw a baby fox … .

a)      under a big tree    b) near the river                      c) in the village

4. The boys gave July … .

a)      berries and mushrooms    b)meat and fish                      c) some water

5. One day July ran away… .

a)         to the village                    b) to the river              c) to the forest


3. Поставьте глаголы в нужную форму:

1. My brother _______yesterday.

            a)will cry        b) cries      c) cried

2. My little sister _____every day.

            a) will cry        b) cries      c) cried

3.Granny_____to us last week.

            a)came            b)will come       c) comes

4.Mary often____at the parties.

            a)will sing         b)sings       c)didn’t sing

5.Our family____to London next year.

            a)will go            b)went        c)goes

6. We ____our cat an hour ago.

            a)feed               b)will feed       c) fed

7.Ann___a party last Saturday.

            a) has             b) had         c) have

8.I usually ____up at 7 o’clock.

            a) get      b) will get         c) got

9. Kate____TV two hours ago.

            a) watch    b) will watch       c) watched

10. This girl____in the park yesterday.

            a) skates       b) skated         c)will skate






4. Образуйте сравнительную и превосходную степени сравнения прилагательных


Начальная форма






























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